OCTOBER 23 2020 I think that it should be less frowned upon to want to work a job that's "easy", like a convenience store clerk or a waitress. Not everyone wants a /career/ that is the driving force of their life, like being a doctor or lawyer. I think it should be more accepted to want to pursue other things, like motherhood or just choosing to have a simple low-stress job. It's not lazy, it's just different from a life-consuming career path. As long as you're making enough to live off of and doing honest work I think it's fine and actually admirable. Since the 80's we have been fed the notion that if you don't go to college for an "employable" field of study (no art degrees, etc) you are unsuccessful and not as respectable as someone with a degree. However, having a college degree no longer guarantees a "good" job because the market has become oversaturated with people looking for said jobs. And college tuition has raised astronomically; why must we go into debt to be seen as a successful, well-adjusted, intelligent person? Like half of college graduates end up working at places like Starbucks because they can't find anywhere in their field of study that will hire them. They're making the same amount as someone who took that job and didn't go to college... that person also doesn't have $200,000 of debt straddling them, they have no student loans to pay back. College was once a guarentee to a high-paying job but now it's almost stupid to enroll unless you're going for something you are truly passionate about.

JUNE 21 2020 [revised excerpt taken from my instagram] I miss when it was normal/acceptable for women to be housewives/homemakers as their primary occupation. I miss when men didn't curse in front of women and held doors open for women and pulled out chairs for women at restaurants and helped women get out of the car. I want to be feminine housewife mommy and wife who makes husband and kids happy and is taken care of by husband, but now if you're a girl and you don't get a college degree and have a high-paying job and promote yourself as a StrongIndependentWoman you're looked down upon and saying you want to be a housewife is equated to "i want to sit on my ass all day and do jack shit"... Liek no i want to cook and clean and garden and take care of my kids and husband. That should be admirable, not frowned upon. Thx "feminism" now doing traditionally feminine things apparently means i have internalized misogyny and h8 myself.