ABOUT ME by l_a_t79
name:: Bridget
nickname:: (none)
how old are you:: 18
zodiac sign:: Capricorn
current location:: New jersey
eye color:: Blueish grey
hair color:: Dyed blonde, naturally brown
hair type:: Long straight and average thickness
hieght:: 4’11”
your heritage:: Russian American
what's your middle name:: Taylor
shoe's you wore today:: Balenciaga Triple S sneakers (white colorway)
your weakness:: I have too much of an ego sometimes
your fear:: Losing a limb
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: No
do you want to:: Yas
goal you would like to achieve this year:: Go in the sun a lot to make my freckles darker
first thought when you wake up:: Breaking bad
best physical feature:: i have long double-rowed eyelashes
who is your bestest freind:: Brooke and Brody
when is your bedtime:: 1am at the latest
your most cherished memory:: Spending time with and traveling with my grandma
pepsi or coke:: Diet vanilla coke
mc dondalds or burgerking:: Mickey D’s
singel or group dates:: I never went on a double date
what is the last song you sang:: My band by d12 (LOL)
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: Not really but i mean its dope i guess
what is your biggest pet peeve:: Vanity sizing
do you drink:: Yes but only socially for the most part
ever been drunk:: Yes
do you smoke:: Yes i’m a vape god
do you "SMOKE":: Yea but again mostly socially, unless my dad gives me some and im bored. I don’t really feel an urge to go out of my way to smoke weed
do you sing:: Not well
what color underwear do you have on:: Black
do you want to go to college:: I want to go to fashion school
have you ever been in love:: Yes
do you wnat to get married:: Yes
do you believe in yourself:: Yasss i get shit done snapping necks cashing checks
do you believe inothers:: Not usually
do you like thunderstorms:: Only if i’m indoors
do you play an instrument:: I am the least musically inclined person ever ive tried to learn to play so many and i just CANT
what do you want to be when you grow up:: A mother
what country would you like to visit:: Australia
how many CD's do you own:: ~30 from middle school, i use spotify premium now
how many DVD's do you own:: I have a thrift store / walmart movie bin DVD collection
how many tattoo's do you have:: 1, a bandaid on my thigh in an area with a lot of self harm scars lol
how many piercings do yo have:: 3 on my left ear (lobe), 3 on my right ear (2 lobe and 1 cartilage) i used to have a septum piercing in freshman year too
how many things in the past do you regeret:: I don’t have regrets
shoes:: Probably just the basic black doc martens, or my Balenciagas , or my white Fila’s because i think theyre funny
radio station:: Lithium on SiriusXM
drink:: Arnold palmer (half iced tea half lemonade)
car:: pre- 2010 Toyota Camry
place:: Weird flea market by my house called the berin mart
song:: Paper Planes by M.I.A.
movie:: The Bling Ring, Blow, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Catch Me If You Can, American Psycho, Splice, Gone Girl, Superbad, Buffalo 66, Jennifer’s Body, Full Metal Jacket, Zero Day, My Suicide, Clerks, Thirteen, Jawbreaker, Peewee’s Big Adventure
moment:: when deez nuts in yo momma mouth
color:: Mint
meal:: I don’t rly have one
favorite eye color:: Ice blue, green
favorite hair color:: dull dishwater blonde/light brown
short or long hair:: Waist -mid thigh length for girls idc for guys
height:: Different heights are charming in their own ways
body type:: Idc just not obese or totally emaciated or a roided-up bodybuilder
does ethnicity matter:: No! beauty is not exclusive to a certain race
piercings:: I love piercings especially a lot on the ears & facial piercings( besides lip piercings theyre SO out)
tattoos:: I like DIY stick n pokes i think theyre chic and charming and fashionable i hate most traditional tattoos , theyre so uninspired and ugly to me/not my style
do you think you are attractive:: Yeah
are you attracted to someone who does not know it:: No
would you like to be someones fantasy:: I am and it is a burden i must bear
hunter or hunted:: What ?!!?!?
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: closed LOL
a little or a lot of tongue:: I’m a bad kisser so i try not to use a lot cuz i dont know what i’m doing
older or younger:: Everyone i’ve dated including my current boyfriend has been my age or a few years older
lights on/lights off or candle light:: Lights off
do you like to cuddle after:: Yeah after i beat yo ass mf😭🙏
do you like to cuddle in general:: Only with my boyfriend i don’t like other people all up in my grill
what is todays date:: 07/14/2021
what time is it:: 1:47 pm
who are you thinking of:: Deciding what color/shape/etc to get my nails done
what are you listening to:: Kanye west
do you love someone:: My boyfriend, brooke, brody, emma, vienna, lily, my parents, my grandma, and my puppies
do you know where your mechanical bull is:: Probably at a rodeo
does someone love you:: everyone❤️
is it raining:: No
how many myspace friends do you have:: N/A
are you happy:: Yas
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